Entries from September 2008

MySQL: Query Real Values from Delimiter-Separated-String-IDs

Date September 15, 2008

I had a problem in using a string-comma-separated-value returned from a query in an “IN” statement. I used the IDs from one table, concat them into a comma separated value and insert them into another table. Baaaad idea… Now when I query that value, I can’t use it directly into an “IN” statement to retrieve […]

Java 5 JDK and Jakarta Tomcat 5.5 in Ubuntu Server Installation

Date September 13, 2008

These are the steps I took to install Jakarta Tomkat 5.5 in conjunction with Java 2 SDK in Ubuntu server. Login as root, you can also use “su” though I prefer to login as root. apt-get install sun-java5-jdk This will install Java 2 SDK (1.5), ubuntu will start downloading packages that are not found in […]

Delayed projects…

Date September 2, 2008

Seems like I’ve been slacking for one year on slickdev’s updates. Been pretty much busy with other web sites and developments that I couldn’t find much time for any development for this site. Hopefully within a few days, I’ll be able to restart this site with my scripts and developments.