Ubuntu 16.04.02 Hang on Reboot or Shutdown

Had a problem after an update that when I force a restart or a shutdown on my server, it hangs on the last part of the process.

To fix my problem, I had to edit the /etc/default/grub config file and added acpi=force apm=power_off to the config line, between the double quotation marks…




do a update-grub after saving then reboot one more time.. ( force sa restart when it hangs )
After the restart, try another reboot, it should work now without hanging.

Source of the fix is from Here

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  1. Awesome – Here is my fix.

    I had tried everything (10-20 different fixes, and getting frustrated – tough to troubleshoot), but this worked.

    And i will re-iterate it for others.

    Reduce the timeout in `/etc/systemd/system.conf`:

    **Remove #** from these lines to activate them, and change timings in these following lines (they were 90 seconds!):



    In terminal

    sudo -H gedit /etc/systemd/system.conf

    Save, Exit (reload it to confirm the changes as i had some strange “Gedit Errors)

    Then run:

    sudo systemctl daemon-reload

    Reboot now in 5-10 Seconds – Awesome !

    Say Thanks, Mark

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