PFSense wkhtmltopdf WebApp NAT Loopback/Reflection Woes

Please DO NOT use public IP address when generating your pdf using wkhtmltopdf/wkhtmltojpg if you have PFSense running as a firewall.

Use localhost, this will save you headaches.

I’m using WKHTMLTOPDF to convert html to pdf and inside the html contains links to images. Now the address used is the public IP address but wkhtmltopdf is running internally in the local network with its ‘web browser’. See the problem here? Normally, routers allow NAT Reflection/Loopbank… PFSense blocks this by default. So my images were not rendering, for which leaves the wkhtmltopdf process to lag behind due to it waiting for a reply from the server which PFSense is denying, timeout it around 60 sec ( 1 Min ).

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