Show / Reveal Files and Folders From an Infected Flash Drive

Flash drives are very susceptible to worms/”virus” infection.
One behavior is hiding your files/folders in a blank folder name and set it to system attribute.
Then add a shortcut to open that hidden folder and also infect your system.


Now, to recover the files…

Revealing hidden files and folders from an infected flash drive, use the command below.

attrib *.* -h -s -r /s /d

This will now show the folders and files, rename the _blank_ folder to your preferred name and recover your files. =)

Java IO Problem in Tomcat

Encountered this problem today while testing an image upload AJAX script in tomcat. Later on I found out that the folder is actually protected Win7 and tomcat couldn’t write the cache or temporary file into the folder.

So anyone having this problem, check the following…

  • What OS are you running? Vista/Win7?
  • What IDE are you using?
  • Was your IDE elevated to admin status?

So, check your OS, I’m using Win7. I was developing this under WinXP a few months back, and now under Win7, the folder is protected since it was under the “Program Files (x86)” folder group. (Argh!)
I closed my IDE, using IDEA IntelliJ 9.0, ran the IDE under “Administrator Level” and the problem disappeared!

So check those out first.